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Swarovski can look back with pride on a long history of partnerships with many fashion and design legends like Coco Chanel or Christian Dior.

The Aurora Borealis effect, for example, found worldwide acclaim following work with Christian Dior in the 1950s. More recently, the creative partnership with Giorgio Armani saw the development of the Diamond Leaf cut, which features an organic design and closely resembles a natural leaf. Nature has also provided the inspiration for the latest joint project with the French designer Andrée Putman.

These design co-operations are joyful collaborations that always result in beauty and quite unconventional displays of creativity. But Dior, Armani and Putman are just three examples of the many celebrated designers who have worked with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS over the years, turning loose crystals into limitless creative possibilities.

Swarovski työskentelee merkittävien suunnittelijoiden kanssa. Suuntaa ovat näyttäneet niin Coco Chanel kuin Christian Dior, jonka kanssa tehdystä yhteistyöstä syntyi 1950-luvulla kristallikivien AB (Aurora Borealis) efekti.