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Fancy Stones are offered in numerous shapes ranging from classical gemstone inspired cuts to progressive trend cuts. They come in a huge assortment of different sizes and colours. Showing either a facetted or flat reverse side, Fancy Stones can be glued into pre-cast cavities or used in metal settings. Their precision cut facets assure the highest brilliance and endow design ideas with a unique sparkle.

Settings are unplated brass components, each specifically tailored to a Fancy Stone, that secure the crystal and allow for a myriad of application possibilities including but not limited to sewing, soldering and gluing. Additionally settings can be plated and are easy to work with.

Korukiviä on tarjolla runsaasti eri muotoisina ja eri hionnoilla. Riippuen kiven takaosasta (suora tai viisteinen hionta) voidaan kivet joko liimata tai istuttaa erilaisiin pohjamateriaaleihin.