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Plastic Trimmings shine where practical meets beautiful. Here, crystal stones have been integrated in plastic to provide particular practicality with a sophisticated effect. These multi-functional products can be sewn or glued to various materials.

The range of Bandings offers not only a large selection of XILION Chaton colours – designed to be the new generation of brilliance – but also a variety of casing colours. To cover all possibilities, almost all Plastic Trimmings are available in gold and silver plating.

Kristallikivin somistettuja muovipohjaisia koristeita ovat erilaiset nauhat ja soljet. Nauhoissa kristallikivet on istutettu muovipohjiin, jotka on yhdistetty toisiinsa langalla.

Kristallinauhoja valmistetaan myös tereinä ja väliin ommeltavina nauhoina.