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Round Stones are loose crystal elements featuring a round view-side and a pointed back which makes them easy to use with metal claw settings or to glue into die-cast forms.

The most popular representative among the wide range of different cuts is the CRYSTALLIZED™ XIRIUS Chaton – designated to be the new generation of brilliance. Its heritage from the chaton that used to be a classic jewellery stone was revolutionised to bring it to perfection as an eye-catcher for jewellery and accessory designs. Round Stones provide a unique complement to the latest fashion creations.

Pyöreät kristallikivet voidaan viisteisesti hiotun taustansa vuoksi liimata tai istuttaa esim. metalli- tai puualustaan. Kiviä on eri hionnoilla, tärkeimpänä markkinoiden säihkyvin XIRIUS Chaton (art. 1088).