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These versatile products open up a multitude of creative design possibilities through their numerous application techniques. They combine elegant SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS with a synthetic carrier material that can be applied using Hotfix technology. They are ideal for the use in the textile, interior and accessories segments.

Crystal Rocks a completely new, innovative and stunning design element that showcases large double pointed Chatons.

Crystal Fabric is an innovative product that consists of a carrier material that is completely covered with millions of tiny cut and uncut crystals.

Crystaltex is available with a wide range of XILION Rose colours and a variety of carrier materials to make it the perfect choice for creating a full spectrum of designs.

Small XILION Chatons turn the Crystaltex Chaton Bandings into an exciting and luxurious statement in the fashion world. 

Crystal Transfabric, Crystal Rock, Crystal Fabric ja Crystaltex ovat lämmöllä kiinnittyviä nauhoja ja motiiveja. Niissä kristallikivet on upotettu synteettiseen pohjamateriaaliin.